• Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Cars
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • Free Shopping from the store
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Character Customization

Car Parking Multiplayer Mod Apk 2024 v4.8.18.3 – Unlimited money/gold

Are you unable to drive your favorite car because you don’t have enough coins or money to unlock the car? Or you are having issues in upgrading your car or your character because your coins get exhausted too fast.

Driving the fastest or the favorite car in Car Racing games is the most desirable thing by any player in the game. But limitations like locked cars, limited customization, or limited money makes you restricted to only a few cars.

To unlock your favorite car you have to play the game more and make more efforts to earn the desired amount of money and unlock your favorite car.

But, this problem can be solved through Car Parking Multiplayer Mod Apk. It is the modded version of the original game that gives you unlimited money with the help of which you can unlock any car you want.

In addition, you can customize anything in the game to its maximum level and your money will not get finished.

This article explores information about this modded version of the game, its amazing features, and other thrilling features of the game such as game modes, graphics, multiplayer modes, etc.

What is Car Parking Multiplayer Mod Apk?

It is an unlocked version of the Play Store version of the game that gives you extra features such as unlimited money, unlocked cars, unlimited car customization, unlimited fuel, unlimited upgrades, no engine damage, and many more features that are available in this version of the game for free.

These features give you an edge over your opponents and give you an edge in getting the most desired car of yours having amazing speed and design.

Following are the most amazing and thrilling features of this modded version of the game that will solve all your problems and will enhance your gaming experience 100 times.

Unlimited Money

Every game has a particular in-game currency with the help of which a user can buy things from the in-built store of the game.
The in-built currency of Car Parking Multiplayer Apk is gold coins and money. At the beginning of the Play Store version of the game, you get 0 gold coins and 28 thousand cash.
Having this limited amount of money and 0 gold coins you will not be able to purchase your desired car or upgrade the already present car that you have at the beginning of the game.
However, in the modded version of the game, you get unlimited free gold coins and money. With this unlimited money, you can buy the fastest car in the game, at the very beginning of the game.
Not only can you buy your favorite car but you can upgrade it to its maximum potential by spending the gold coins and money.
Although you will spend plenty of money and gold coins for buying and upgrading your favorite car, the currency would still not get finished as it is an unlimited amount.

Huge Car Collection

This game has such a huge amount of car collection that no game has ever produced this much collection of cars.  You can have a variety of cars ranging from a 2-seater mini car to the biggest trucks and hummer. These also vary from cheap to most expensive cars from start to end respectively.
You will have multiple country options and the cars that are manufactured in those countries. The countries that you will have are Japan, the USA, Sedan, and all the countries that are included in Europe. Moreover, you can also have sports cars and off-road jeeps.
The off-road jeeps are available because you have tracks that are mountain and desert-based so you can drive your car easily on these tracks.
There are a total of 159 cars that are available in this game and it varies from small city cars to huge off-road trucks, sports cars, and other fancy cars such as supra.

Unlocked Cars

Starting the game and watching 159 most amazing, beautiful, and speedy cars locked can become disappointing sometimes. 
Unlocking them one by one takes a lot of effort and time as you have to earn the money by completing different tasks and missions.
These tasks and missions give you less money as compared to the expenses of the cars and upgrading expenses. So unlocking all the cars or the cars that you like can take a lot of time.
However, in this modded version of the game, you get all the cars unlocked at the beginning of the game.
So, you can take your favorite car in the whole list of cars and take it to the garage for the next step which is customization and upgrading of your favorite car.

Unlocked Cars of car parking multiplayer

Unlimited Car Customization

The car customization varies from customizing the exterior of the car to tuning the car and upgrading the gearbox and suspensions.
The exterior of the car includes changing the color of the car and putting stickers on it. In addition, you can install police lights on your car, and all of this can be done for free in this version of the game.
In addition, you can change the engine of your car and upgrade it to the most powerful engine of 2000 hp for free. With the help of this 2000 hp engine you can give your car super speed among all the players of the game.
Moreover, you can change your tires and select the most fancy and powerful tires along with enhancing the suspensions of the car and gearbox of the car.
So, in this modded version of the game, you can customize your car to its maximum potential without watching any significant change in your total money and gold coins.

Unlimited Fuel

In the Play Store version of the game, you get a limited amount of fuel and you have to refill it continuously after it gets low. You also would have spent money on refilling the fuel.
However, in the modded version of the game, you will get an unlimited amount of fuel that would never get exhausted and you would not have to visit the petrol pump to refill the fuel.

No Engine Damage

In other versions of the game, when you bump your car into the wall or any other place, you will get an indication on your screen that will show damage to your engine. So you will have to repair it once it is completely damaged.
But in the modded version of the game you get no damage to the engine so would not have to visit the garage to repair your engine every time it gets damaged.

Free Shopping From The Store 

The in-game purchases include buying money, gold coins, and other things like cars and accessories with real money. When you get a very limited amount of money, game developers give you the option to buy these things with real money.
But, in the modded version of the game, you can get all the things in the game without spending a penny of the real money.
All you have to do is go to the store and tap on the things that you want to get and you will get it immediately without the pop-up of transactions.

Unlimited Character Customization

Character customization includes customizing the looks of the character such as hair, beard, and color of hair. In addition, it includes shirts, pants, glasses, and shoes.
Everything costs some amount of money. If you play the Play Store version of the game you will get limited money to get what you desire.
But in the modded version of the game, you would be able to customize your character according to your likes and dislikes without fear of exhaustion of money and gold coins.

car parking multiplayer Character Customization

Unlock all the homes.

There are a total of 4 homes in this game that you can unlock in this modded version of the game. These 4 homes are expensive and have values from 5 lac cash to 1000 gold coins.
You get unlimited money and gold coins in this version so you can easily unlock these homes that vary from simple home to most fancy home.

No Ads

Ads in any game are very annoying as they keep appearing during your gameplay or after you come out of playing the game. You would keep facing these ads in the lobby or while availing some reward.
These ads limit your fun experience in any game. However, the Car Parking Multiplayer MOD Apk is ads-free and you won’t face any single ad at any place whether in the lobby or claiming any reward.

Other Features

Graphics and Sounds

This game has amazing 3D realistic high graphics that give you details on the roads and the surroundings that make you feel lost in the game. The cars are also made as realistic as possible.

The sound is an add-on to the graphics because the sound is made the most realistic, giving you a feeling like you are driving in real life.

Because passing by cars gives you realistic sounds, also the speed sounds of the car are made very realistic. In addition, the drifting sound and sound of the cars passing while you are standing gives you a real-life sound experience.

Easy Control System Interface

Though there are many keys in the control system of the game, it is still easy to control and needs practice to have a complete grip on these keys.

The whole screen has keys that control different things. If you look at the left-hand side of the screen you will find various keys.

These keys include a steering wheel which helps you steer your car in whichever direction you want. Below the steering wheel, you have two indicator keys along with buttons to turn on both indicators.

On the top side of the left hand, you will also find multiple keys like controlling flashlights, you can tap on that option to turn on flashlights. By tapping it again, the lights get stronger and by tapping it again you can turn it off.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you also get a variety of keys, such as turning the car on key, horn key, getting out of the car key, hand brake, accelerator, and brakes.

car parking multiplayer control system

You also have an automatic gear system that you can control. You would have to swipe the gear to drive, park, and keep the car in neutral.

Along with these, would also get mobile options, camera angle options, and emoji options. You also have a profile icon key that would help you get out of the car and enter the car.

When you come out of the car, you can simply move your character by swiping on the left side forward and controlling the direction with the right hand.

Camera Modes

There are multiple camera modes in this game that you can explore. First of all, you can just drag the screen and make your camera adjustments which make you comfortable.

In addition, there is a camera icon on the top right corner of the screen with which you can make camera adjustments. By repeatedly tapping the camera icon you can change the camera positions.

The camera positions include first, second, and third-person camera modes. In addition, it also has an interior camera mode that is from the perspective of the car driver. 

Car Interior

The car interior is another realistic feature of this game. It gives you a detailed look at the interior of the car as your character can look around in the car. You just have to move your fingers on the screen and it will look in the direction you rotate your finger.

The interior of the car gives you a look as the driver would look at the inside of the car. You can see your steering, lights, mirrors, speedometer, AC, radio, gear, and accelerator.

Looking around in the car is the feature that most probably only this game provides. The interior of the cars varies according to the type of the car. After exploring this feature it became the best Android game in my opinion

car parking interior

Game Modes

Car Parking Multiplayer Mod Apk has three main modes which are further divided into a list of parts that you can choose to play that particular game mode.

On the home page, when you just enter the game, there you will find a start option. Once you tap on that start option you will have three options. These include levels (which is the parking mode), single-player, and online game.

how to play multiplayer on car parking multiplayer

Practice parking skills (levels)

If you like Car parking Games or want to practice the parking skills the level mode is for you. This mode includes a variety of scenarios that are given to you to park your car at various points such as city, car parking areas, roads, and off-road.

The parking levels move from easy parking to more complex parking. There are a total of 82 levels in this mode that involve simple and complex levels.

So if you truly want to practice your parking skills then this mode is for you because it involves real-life scenarios along with real-life difficulty and real-life car controls.

Single Player Mode

Next to level mode, you have a single-player mode. This mode is for you if you want to roam free in this game as this mode allows you to drive your car to different locations as well as come out of your car and explore everything while walking.

There are a total of 8 places that you can drive your car and visit in this mode. These places include city, highway, desert, mountain, racing, city 2, off-road, and home.

The racing mode is also included in single-player mode where you can race with your CPU opponents.

car parking multiplayer single mode

Missions & Challenges

While exploring the single-player mode, you can complete different missions and challenges that will help you earn money and gold coins. Unlimited money and coins are provided to you so you can complete these missions and challenges for fun and thrill.

You can enter these missions and challenges by accessing your phone through the icon that is present on the top right side of the screen. On the phone, you will have an option for a mission that you can choose to start the missions.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode is the most unique and creative mode of Car parking MOD Apk as it involves people from all around the globe in a single place.

You can play this mode online with people from different countries and places. You can also play this mode with your friends that are online in this game.

These players have different cars and different abilities and you can do a lot of fun things with them in place of your selections. That place can be a desert, city, or mountain area.

You can race with these players, collide your car with them, and also exchange cars with these players. So you can choose the best cars in car parking multiplayer and win races against your opponents easily. Overall, this mode is a good experience in the game.


Drifting is yet another amazing feature of the game that you would love to explore. Performing the drift can prove to be the most realistic experience in the game.

It is because you can perform the drift as it is performed in real life. You will have a hand break in the control system. While driving, you can tap on that hand break and it will drift the car.

The drifting of the car is very satisfying and it gives you realistic screeching sound effects along with the tire marks on the road.

Exchanging Cars

Yes, you read it right, you can exchange your car with other players of the game in the online mode of the game.

When you and another player, who might be your friend, are in the online mode of the game, you must stand together. After standing together, come out of your car and sit in each other’s car.

Sell Your Car

You can also sell your car and earn money. Once you accumulate many cars and you want to sell them, you can simply go to the places in the city where there will be a circle in which you will have to park your car and sell it.

Once you sell your car you will get money and you will lose your car. So to get your car you would have to go to your garage.

You can go to your garage by ordering a taxi through your phone. The phone can be selected by the phone icon that is made on the screen of the game.

Pros and Cons

You probably have thought about the possible pros and cons of the Car Parking Multiplayer MOD Apk and why you should download this version of the game. Here are some of the most important pros and cons that would help you decide whether you should download this version of the game or not

  • This version is an unlocked version that gives you all the things unlimited like unlimited money and gold coins
  • You can unlock all the cars without fear of exhaustion of the gold coins and money.
  • You can customize and upgrade your car to its maximum level from the very beginning of the game.
  • You get a free shopping option in the version in which you can buy anything from the store without spending real money.
  • You can also customize your character to enhance its appearance and upgrade its skill.
  • We update this game regularly so that we can give you the latest version of the game. So to download the new updated version you can visit this site.
  • There is only one disadvantage of this version of the game which is that this game doesn’t get updated by itself, you have to update it here every time this game is updated.

How to Download and Install Car Parking Multiplayer Mod Apk?

The downloading and Installing of this game is very easy, you just have to follow the following steps

  • Download the game from the download button given at the top of this page. Tap on that download button and the game will start downloading. This is fast downloading so it would not take much longer.
  • Once the downloading is completed, tap on the downloaded file. This will take you to the setting of your phone.
  • There you have to allow installation from an unknown source. This is completely safe and wouldn’t affect your phone by any means.
  • Once you allow installation from an unknown source the game setup will start installing.
  • Once it is completed, you can press the done option for the set up and your Car Parking Multiplayer Mod Apk will be ready to play.

Final Words

Car Parking Multiplayer Apk is an amazing car game that gives you a realistic experience of cars.

This game has a lot of features like cars, characters, multiplayer mode, free roaming in different places, completing missions, and earning money and gold coins.

But in the Play Store version, you get a very limited amount of money and gold coins due to which you wouldn’t be able to unlock your favorite car as it would take a lot of effort and time.

Therefore, we bring you the Car Parking Multiplayer Mod Apk, which is the unlocked version of the game. This version provides you with unlimited money and gold coins.

With the help of these gold coins and money, you can unlock and upgrade your favorite car and customize your character. This version also gives you a free shopping option, so that you don’t have to spend real money to buy things in the game.

So, download this latest modded version of the game and dive into the world of cars, parking, and racing.


Yes, the above-given version of the game is the latest version as we update the game regularly.

The storage requirement for this game is 836 MBs

Yes, you can play this game both online and offline.

The requirement for this game is an Android version 6.0.