Best Car Simulation Games for Android

There are many genres in the gaming world and every genre has its lover. However, if look at the demand and the liking of the users among all the genres, the majority is of the people who like car games specially the car simulation games and after player Car Parking Multiplayer Mod Apk you must be wondering if there are any similar simulation games like this on.

So You might probably have fallen in love with car simulation games and may be looking for the Best Car Simulation Games for Android.

This article explores the top 5 car simulation games that you can play in 2024.

1. Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is an amazing car simulation game that involves the most thrilling missions, and tasks along with the absolute high 3D graphics and sound system that keeps you indulged in the game.

This game has a lot of amazing features such as an easy control system interface, fancy and realistic cars, car customization, and exploration of the whole city.

In this game, you get different tracks to drive your car on, these tracks include off-road tracks, city streets, airports, and many other thrilling places.

The most amazing feature that is included in this game the aerobatics that you can perform on your car. You can perform this by driving your car very fast and then you are given some high places in the game on which you can make your car jump and fly.

You are also given some of the most thrilling mission which involves aerobatics and you have to make your car fly into an airplane. This can become the most fun part of the game as you will be thrilled to drive and then fly your car into an airplane. Overall it is a thrilling game with a rating of 4.5 and over 10M plus downloads. The storage requirement for this game is 170MB and is available to play for Android on Google Play Store.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

2. Car Simulator 2

If you are looking for real life car simulation game then Car Simulator can be the best possible choice for you. It is because this game is very different from any car simulation game.

This game is based on a realistic life simulation as you can roam around freely in the city. You can also walk in the city without your car which is similar to the things you do in real life.

You can drive your car to the petrol stations where you can come out of your car, and furl your car by yourself which gives you the feeling of the things that you do in your real life.

In addition, you can go to showrooms where you can buy new cars also test new cars, and have a look at their appearance and interior.

This game also includes many other places that a city can have like car workshops. It also has the roads and the traffic signals function like they would in real life.

Also, it has many features that you would be thrilled to explore such as the most amazing control system interface. This interface is not like any other game because it gives you the privilege to control everything in the car. These things include controlling the gears. You can gear your car to park, neutral, and drive mode in this game. Also, you can turn on your indicators or lights as well. You will also get a steering wheel along with the hand brake.

Overall, playing this game can give you a very realistic feeling and it can prove to be the best car simulation game for Android phones.

Car Simulator 2

3. Rush Rally 3

As the name indicates, the rush rally is about simulation of rally racing. This game has multiple modes such as single rally, career mode, and multiplayer rally.

If you truly enjoy playing with real opponents from all around the globe, this game is a suitable choice for you. This game is a typical race rally game that gives you different beautiful, thrilling tracks to race on.

Rush Rally 3 also has cars that resemble real-life cars. So if you truly follow rallies and like them then you would be thrilled to play this game.

Rush Rally 3

4. Driving School 2017

If you are learning driving and want to know the rules of driving then you would be glad to know that this game can teach you and let you know the basic driving rules.

You can learn these rules without getting bored as you will learn them while playing this game. This game is a simulation of the driving school in which you will be given different levels in different cities.

In these levels, you would be required to drive cars in the city, highways, and motorways and obey certain sets of rules that are based on the true rule book of traffic.

You will have to obey these rules to earn points and move to the next level. If you earn more points you will earn good rewards. These rewards can then help you unlock some most advanced and beautiful cars in the game.

If you are looking for the best car simulator game for your Android device then you can also opt for Driving School 2017 because this is the most amazing driving simulation game.

Driving School 2017

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 was developed by Game Loft and it is a complete series of driving simulation games. If you are looking for fancy cars along with fancy and thrilling races on the streets then Asphalt 9 can be the suitable choice for you.

This game has different features such as high graphics, a series of amazing cars, a user-friendly control system interface, and thrilling tracks that involve thrilling races.

Consequently, if you want to race the fanciest and fastest cars in the streets of the city then you can opt for this game.

Asphalt 9 Legends


This article gives you the best car simulation games for Android. These are the top 5 most amazing and most exciting games. Each game has its unique features that make it unique among the huge list of simulation games.

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