Car Parking Multiplayer Apk ios

Some of the Android games are not available for iOS devices and when it comes to your favorite category of the game or favorite game it might become disappointing as you are unable to play your favorite games.

However, if you are a fan of the Car Parking Multiplayer apk as you might be playing it on Android or PC or you like games like car simulation then it is good news for you as now you can play Car Parking multiplayer apk iOS device as well. Note, this is not the Mod Apk or unlocked version of the game which is only available for Android.

Car Parking Multiplayer Apk iOS

Car Parking Multiplayer Apk ios is now available for iOS devices. It is an amazing car game with features like 180 plus cars, characters, high graphics, good sound, and a variety of tracks to explore.

In addition, you can roam freely on the roads either by walking or by driving your car. You will also have 3 game modes: single-play, parking, and multiplayer.


Following are some of the most amazing and thrilling features of this game that you would be happy to know and would like to play the game after knowing them.

Graphics and sound

This game has the most realistic 3D graphics that a car game can have. You will be lost once you start playing this game because the graphics give you a realistic feeling of the car driving.

The amazing quality of the sound adds more to the beauty of this game. The sound effects of this game are made in the most realistic way possible.

The sounds of the different cars are different. The sound of the horn, the sound of the car engine, and the cars passing by while you drive or stay still in the car are also very realistic.

Cars and Characters

This game has a variety of cars ranging from simple cars to the most advanced fast cars having 2000 hp engines. There are a total of 180 + cars that are available in this game.

These include cars from Europe, sports cars, USA cars, and Japanese cars. These range from simple 2 seated cars to trucks. The trucks are for driving them in mountains and deserts.

In addition, you will also have a character that will drive your car and you will also have this character to roam and explore the city and tracks.


You can customize your car and character in this game. You can customize your car engine, suspension, and appearance.

These customizations can help you improve the appearance of the car and improve engine health and performance. Also, you can increase your car speed by upgrading your car.

In addition, you can customize your character’s appearance by changing its hair style and color. Also, you can make changes in the clothes and shoes of your character.

Game modes

There are mainly 3 modes in this game: single player mode, multiplayer mode, and levels mode.

Single player mode

In this mode, you will be allowed to wander freely on different tracks of your choice. This is an offline mode of the game in which you can drive or walk on different tracks of the game.

Once you select this mode, you will be given a variety of different track options that you can choose to explore and ride your car on.

Also, you can complete different missions and tasks in this mode of the game. You can access these missions and tasks through your mobile phone option on the game screen.

Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer mode is quite a thrilling and amazing mode of the game in which there are people from all around the globe. These players are on the single track.

You can race with these opponents, talk to them, and also exchange cars with these players.

Levels Mode

In this mode, you would get 89 levels that have different difficulty levels which will help you learn how to park a car.


This article explores the Car Parking Multiplayer MOD Apk ios version along with its amazing features. These features include graphics, sounds, game modes, cars, characters, and customization.

So download this iOS version of the game and dive into the world of car simulation.


What are the system requirements of the iOS version of the game?

It is available for iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or later.

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