Comparison of Car Parking Multiplayer 2020 VS 2024

If you don’t upgrade yourself over time people might call you old-fashioned or old-school. The same is the case with the games. If developers don’t bring variation in the games, the user might get bored of the old features and leave the game.

The Car Parking Multiplayer was developed in 2020 and it was the first version of this game. This game evolved with time and kept evolving till this date and this year that is 2024.

If you are new to this game then you might wonder what it would be like to play the 2020 version of this game or if you have been playing this game from the beginning then you might have lost track of its progress or you might be recalling a specific old version of the game. So, this article is about the comparison of Car Parking Multiplayer 2020 VS 2024 versions. This will give you a detailed insight into what this game was like in 2020 and how much it has evolved in 2024. Note, this comparison is also for Car Parking Multiplayer Mod Apk as that is the modified version of the original game.


Making comparisons based on features can make you understand easily the difference between the two versions of the game.

By looking at the features you can draw a clear picture of the difference and the improvements that have been made in the two versions of the game. So, the following are the features that explain the differences between the versions.

Graphics and sound

In every update of any game, the developers are more focused on improving the graphics quality so that it can give the users a more real look at the game and improve the user interface.

Similarly, in this game, the newer version is the more improved version of the game as it gives you a more realistic look at the surroundings of the places.

This new version of the game has an interesting feature of different daytimes. The graphics have this new concept of changing daytime as you drive the car, the time changes from morning to evening and from evening to night.

On the other hand, sounds are also improved in comparison to the older version of the game. The sound of the car, the passing by cars, and the racing sound of the cars are very realistic in the newer version of the game.

So, the 2024 version of the Car Parking Multiplayer is more improved and realistic in terms of graphics and sound in comparison to the 2020 version of the game.

Camera Interface

The camera interface in the newer version of the game is very improved as you get new looks at things from multiple perspectives. You can change camera angles to multiple angles and have a detailed look at different things.

In the older version of the game, the camera interface was limited to only a few angles.

Main Menu

The main menu of the game is the car parked in a place. In the older version, the place was more kind of city-based. The place was more kind, not detailed and the surroundings of that place were not defined.

The color scheme was also dull and not detailed. However, the latest version of the game is based on a deserted place but the surroundings are more detailed in terms of things and give a more kind of realistic look to the surroundings.

The color scheme of the new version is also good and gives you a more realistic and detailed look at things. In addition, if you look at the top bar in both versions, the new version top is simple and good.

In the old version, the top bar was made of multiple colors which made the user interface not that attractive as compared to the new version in which the color used is simple and attractive.

Based on this analysis one can make guesses about which version of the game could be good. However, it is dependent on the user’s likes and dislikes and which version amuses the user the most.

Main Menu in Car Parking Multiplayer 2020
Main Menu in Car Parking Multiplayer 20204


Character is one of the most important aspects of the game. If we compare this feature of the game then, it can be said that the older version was good in this regard for a few reasons.

Firstly, in the older version of the game, there was a variety of characters including every kind of character. They were around 8 in number. In addition, these characters were customizable in a variety of manner which would also give them a better and newer look.

On the contrary, in the new version, there are only three characters in the game who are almost similar and would make any difference if you customize them because they are similar in appearance.

To conclude, the older version in terms of characters was good as there were multiple characters.

Addition to customization item

This game has the concept of customization items for both cars and characters. In the older version of the game, there were very few options to customize your car and character.

In the newer version, you get plenty of options to customize your car and character. You get a variety of colors along with stickers that you can apply to your car to make it look more attractive and unique.

In addition, you get more clothes, shoes, and look options in the newer version as compared to the older version of the game. So, in this feature, the newer feature is way ahead of the older version of the game.


This article is about the Comparison of Car Parking Multiplayer 2020 VS 2024 version. It explains the features of the game that have seen improvement over the past few years.

These features give you a detailed insight into the differences and improvements that the new and old versions have made over the past couple of years.

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