How to Play Multiplayer Mode in Car Parking Multiplayer

Many people desire to play any online game with their friends so that they can compete in a healthy competition. When it comes to racing competition it can become very interesting and thrilling.

The car parking multiplayer also has a very interesting multiplayer mode that has many interesting features that will keep you indulged in playing this game with your friends.

Now, you might be having a question like how to Play Multiplayer Mode in Car Parking Multiplayer. So this article is your answer to this question as we will give you a complete guide to playing the multiplayer mode along with the thrilling features of this mode.

Features of Multiplayer mode

This mode has many amazing features. These features include being with your friends in a single place where you can do a lot of fun activities.

You can share coins with your friends. Drive the car together and talk to each other at the same time through the mic.

Another exciting feature of this mode is the exchange of cars with your friends. Let’s say you have a car like Bugatti Chiron that your friend doesn’t and your friend wants to experience the thrill of that car.

So you can share that car with your friend in multiplayer mode of the game. You simply have to be with your friend in the game. Now you must come out of your car and your friend out of its car. Then you can sit in each other’s car and drive them.

How to enter Multiplayer mode?

After downloading the game and opening this game, you will get a lobby or main menu option where you will see an option to start. Tap on that option and go to multiplayer mode or Online game.

Multiplayer Mode in Car Parking Multilayer

Now in the multiplayer mode, you will have the option to play with friends and play with other players from all around the globe. If you want to play with other players you simply have to select the location and enter the game.

But, if you want to play with friends you must log in to the game first. In the top right corner of the screen, you will see a hexagonal option which you must tap and enter your email ID and password to log in to this game.

Location for Multiplayer mode in car parking multiplayer

Once you log in, you can now go to play with friends where you have to put your friend’s ID and then play the game.

If you don’t know your friend’s ID you can simply generate the code for the multiplayer mode where you tap on friends and tell your friends to join the game through that code.

In this way, you can access the multiplayer mode to play with both friends and other users from all around the globe.


This article is a guide and answer to your question of how to play multiplayer mode in Car Parking Multiplayer. It gives you a complete step-by-step procedure to play this mode with your friends and players from all around the globe.

This article also gives you details about the thrilling and unique features of multiplayer mode that any other game might not have. So follow these steps and enjoy the thrill with your friends.

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