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Mobile gaming is growing daily as many new games are introduced with time while the old games are improved and made user-friendly.

Among this growing number of games and genres racing is one of the most popular genres to date. Almost every year hundreds and thousands of racing games are introduced.

The games are made more and more realistic by improving the gameplay, graphics, sounds, and user experience. These games have a new set of innovative ideas as well.

The developers also introduce different challenges and missions to make the games more interesting and worth playing.

Among these hundreds of games, you might find yourself confused about which game is the best for you. Or if you have played Car Parking Multiplayer Mod Apk, you might be confused about which game can be similar to it. So you don’t have to be confused now because we bring you top 10 car racing games for Android.

These games are unique and will provide you with the most realistic experience and hours of entertainment and thrill. These games are for both casual players who take an interest in graphics and hardcore players who often look for immersive and indulged experiences.

So, be ready and start up your engines and explore the racing tracks with these best racing games for Android.

Carx Street

The top game on the list is Carx Street which is a driving simulation game. This game is based on the open world and is the most realistic car game for your Android devices.

In this game when you race on the streets you will feel like a street racer because everything about this game is realistic and natural.

This game has a variety of modes such as a career mode, performing drifts, joining clubs, and many other activities as this is an open-world game.

Many realistic features in this open world will give you a realistic feel such as when you start the game you have to purchase a car. Also, you have to fuel your car before you drive your car or join races.

You will also have your home, garage, service stations, and mechanic shops. These things add to the elements of realism.

This game is based on the modern era and includes many features that a modern-day racer would crave. Carx Street has many amazing cars that are fancy, elegant, and have the fastest speed and easy control. 

The system requirements for this game are Android 9.0 and up along with 4 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free storage.

Carx Street racing game

Ace Racer

If you are more of an aesthetic car racer and like the looks of your surroundings as well as your car then Ace Racer can be the best car game in the world for you.

In this game, you will participate in racing festivals and boost your car through fascinating tracks with fancy cars.

The graphics of the game are very good and can make you immersed and lost in the game. The game and its graphics are made in such a well-designed manner that you will think of it as if you are playing this game on a PC and not on your Android device.

The game begins with choosing your driver, customizing you’re driving, and then entering the festivals. These festivals then have many missions and objectives that you have to complete.

These missions will earn you points and money that you can use to buy new cars and other fancy stuff. Initially, you get only one car unlocked but as you play the game more you will earn money and will be able to unlock other cars as well.   

The system requirements for this Ace Racer are Android 5.0 or later along with 4 GB of RAM and storage.

Ace Racer Apk Racing game


Third up in this amazing top 10 car racing game for Android is Wreckfest. The user can indicate from the name what kind of surprising it could be.

This game is all about the unique experience of the destruction of opponents’ cars and chaos in the game that gives the unique concept of a racing game.

The tracks and the cars are designed in such a way that they inflict the highest amount of damage to you and your opponents.

The main objective in this game is to reach the finish line before your opponents or cause so much damage to your opponents that you are alone to win the race. But be prepared to protect your car as well because if you lose your car you will not be able to reach the finishing line.

There are a variety of game modes in this game and many other fascinating features such as customizing your cars. These customizations have plenty of options so that you can make your car stand out among your opponents.

These customization options include making your car stronger and improving your car armor so that you get less amount of damage in the game.

So, download this one of the best free car racing games for Android and dive into the unique world of racing, chaos, and destruction.

Wreckfest Apk Racing game

Real Racing Next/ Real Racing 3

Real Racing Next developed by EA has many fancy cars from manufacturers from all around the globe such as Malaren, Ford, and Porsha.

This game has tracks based on places from all around the world making you feel like you are driving on those tracks from different parts of the world. 

This game has the best possible graphics in terms of the cars and the tracks giving you the best possible realistic look and experience of racing on those tracks.

In addition to the graphics, the sounds of the cars also play a vital role in adding to the value of the game. The sounds of the cars are very realistic and each car has its distinct realistic sounds.

This game has multiple game modes but the racing is on top among all the game modes as it is thrilling and fascinating. You will race with multiple racers and have to finish in the first spot to win the race.

The control system interface of the game is user-friendly and gives you multiple interfaces including the steering wheel and arrow option to control the cars.

So, download Real Racing Next, rev up your engine, and race on the tracks from all around the globe.

Real Racing 3 Apk Banner

Project Racer

Project Racer is a kind of motor sport game that involves races that are included in motor sports. You will have an amazing fast vehicle to race on the close-circuit tracks. The objective for you in this game would be to reach the finishing line before your opponents.

The game is mobile-friendly and has a smooth control system interface. This game has a variety of control 5 different control systems giving you the ability to choose according to your preferences.

These multiple control system interfaces give you the privilege of choosing the most suitable control for you so that you are more comfortable and win many races.

In addition, it has multiple graphics settings which you can manage and change graphics according to your device compatibility.

Project Racer Apk Banner

OWRC open world racing

If you like more variety of cars in a game then OWRC open word Racing can be a suitable option because there is a huge variety of cars in this game so that the user can take full advantage of these cars and this game.

There are a couple of modes like racing and free modes. But whichever mode you play you will like you are driving the car yourself as the racing and graphics are very real.

You can increase or decrease the graphics quality as well. This gives you the advantage of playing the game on any device as you can adjust the graphics according to your device compatibility.

OWRC open world racing Apk Banner

Drive Zone Online

Drive Zone Online is a free world game where you can roam around in a car around the city and choose the objective or missions that you like.

These objectives or missions are in the form of races that you have to win and earn rewards in terms of XPs and gold coins.

Initially, in the game, you will have slower cars due to which you can lose some amount of races. But as you advance in the game you will be able to unlock faster cars that will make you win more races and improve your cars more.

The cars in the game are designed like the real models that you come across in real life and each model can be easily recognized. However, the names and logos of the cars are not similar or real.

Drive Zone Online Apk Banner

Rally One

The top quality of Rally One is its graphics, it is the game with the most amazing, high-quality, attractive graphics that will keep you indulged in the game.

You will have to compete in different races that will have different tracks and different scenarios. One of the distinct features of this game is that it has different weather conditions like rain. In the rain, you will drive your car in mud which will give you extreme thrill because this makes it realistic.

As for the control system, your car continuously moves forward so you don’t have to step on the accelerator to move your car.

Rally One Game Banner

Racing Masters

Racing Master is developed by Netease and Code Master and provides a good racing experience behind a variety of vehicles.

You will see many renowned vehicles such as Lamborghini, Porsche, and Aston Martin. There is a feature garage in this game for you where you can choose from hundreds of cars and race on the amazing tracks of the game.

So if you want to have an inspiring adrenaline experience download Racing Master and explore the tracks with the fastest fancy cars.

Racing Masters Apk Banner

Gear Club Stradale

Gear Club Stradale is a kind of traditional racing game that doesn’t have much fancy control system interface and doesn’t require any gear-changing keys like other games.

The graphics of the game are quite normal while the cars are quite realistic which kind of makes a wired combo. The cars also don’t take customization which makes it a simple racing game.

Gear Club Stradale Apk Banner


This article explores the top 10 Car Racing Games for Android that will give you the best racing experience including the best graphics, game modes, control system interface, and the adrenaline-filled experience.

You will enjoy all the games as these are the top racing games and provide a realistic racing experience.

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